Laser teeth whitening is quick, painless and a very effective way of improving your appearance. There are many types of teeth whitening kits available but we now know that the Laser system, which uses a blue laser light to activate the whitening gel, is the best method to give you a dazzling smile. This procedure is offered in conjunction with Mega White.

Does teeth whitening really work?

This is a common question asked. The surface of the teeth contains millions of microscopic pores and over time, organic compounds from food, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and tobacco, etc, settle into these pores and cause discoloration of the tooth enamel. Almost all natural teeth respond to the process. However, some individual’s teeth may take longer to whiten, such as those with tetracycline antibiotic staining.

How long does the treatment take?

The full treatment normally consists of a 20 minute application. The results are dramatic and clients can achieve up to 10 shades lighter.

How are the teeth whitened?

The main ingredient in all teeth whitening products is whitening gel. This gel turns into water and oxygen which penetrates the enamel and almost all types of stains are lifted out of the porous enamel. In short, the whitening gel is activated by the Mega White teeth whitening laser and it is in this activated state that it releases the oxygen into the teeth and the whitening process begins.

How long will the results last?

Your teeth will stay noticeably whiter for 12 months; however a 20 minute top up treatment every 6-12 months will maintain that dazzling smile.

Does teeth whitening work on dental work?

Teeth whitening will work on veneers, crowns, bridges and filling it will restore them to their original colour.

Does teeth whitening damage the enamel?

Research shows there is no risk to the enamel. The treatment penetrates the enamel dissolving stains from the pores of the enamel, something that no amount of brushing will achieve.

What do I need to avoid after the treatment?

Following your treatment your diet is very important to any teeth whitening procedure. You must keep to this for 24 to 48 hours and avoid any food that will cause discoloration during this time.

Food not to have: curries, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, broccoli, green beans, sprouts, mushrooms, beetroot, tomatoes, red/green lettuce, red cabbage, or any other food with a strong colour. The food that you do eat must be white only, for example chicken (must be dry or boiled & no fat), turkey, white fish, white rice, white pasta with a white sauce only, cauliflower, cottage cheese, potatoes either mashed, boiled or baked (you must take the skin off).

Drinks not to have: tea (deepest staining), coffee, coke, orange, milk (unless it is skimmed milk), any fizzy drinks, red wine, beer, Guinness or any alcohol with a colour!

How much does it cost?

Standard prices £65 – gives you one 20 minute application.